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coronoavirus therapy

Coronavirus Counseling

I will help you cope with how the Coronavirus situation may be triggering your anxiety, stress, and depression. In any situation, including the coronavirus one, we all bring our own unique psychological traits with us into those circumstances.

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How we can help

And while we can’t change the situation, we can change the way we react to it. Relatively new to Canada, I have over 20 years of experience in private practice in Manhattan as a PhD psychologist, treating all types of difficulties and ages. I specialize in individual, couples, and family therapy. Visit my website: for much more information about my services.

I bring that expertise to your unique situation. Some of us tend to worry excessively- to obsess and ruminate unproductively, leading to unnecessary and pointless pain. Some of us have a tendency to feel powerless, or alienated and lonely. These are just a few of the many underlying ways that our own psychology may be our own worst enemy.

And especially during this crisis. I can’t fix the coronavirus situation, but I can help you deal with your own psychological traits which are being triggered and exacerbated by it. As a result, I can help you lower your painful feelings, such as anxiety, depression, or other negative emotions. If we work together, therapy can substantially help you.

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