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Psychologist Toronto - Qualified Professional Help

Is anxiety, depression or stress crowding out
your happiness and joy in life?
Are you having trouble breaking negative
patterns of thoughts, emotions and behaviors?
Are you concerned that a therapist will only sit
there silently and passively, without providing
feedback to help you reach your goals?

Dr. Stephen Shainbart, C. Psych

PhD in Psychology

Over 20 Years Experience in NYC and Ontario

Resourceful, Effective, and Experienced

Toronto Psychotherapy Office

An Interactive 

INDIVIDUAL COUPLES and FAMILY Therapist in Toronto, ON


MY APPROACH - Therapy in Toronto

Some clients have told me that they tried
psychotherapy in the past and shared much with the therapist, but ultimately left feeling they received little in return. That’s because many therapists sit quietly in the background and do not offer constructive feedback or tell you what they are
thinking. I approach things differently and over my
25 years of experience working as a psychologist in
New York City and Toronto, I have always been
straightforward and interactive with clients.

My main priority is to create a setting in which you
feel comfortable, understood and free to express
yourself. But I am also not afraid or reluctant to give
you the direct feedback you need to hear. And,
unlike many other therapists, I also sometimes use
humor in my work. I see no contradiction between

being playful while remaining a serious and focused
healer. You can read more about my treatment areas for Individuals, Couples and Teenagers.


  • Individual Psychotherapy with Adults and Adolescents

  • Couples and Family Therapy Toronto

  • Online and Phone Appointments Available

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